Streams and rivers are meant to be experienced. There is something special and hypnotic about being next to them on any particular day no matter what your pursuits are. The storied rivers of Montana are a part of American history and to this day bring people in from all over the world to experience their culture and rich fly fishing heritage.
My artwork strives to capture the essence of a stream on a particular day, or point in time by the means of applying paint to the surface with a fly rod. Fly fishing is synonymous with the streams of Montana and streams will vary every day with a multitude of colors, reflections, shadows and changing vegetation. The process of using the weight of a fly line to throw a presentation of paint at a surface plane is my unique and authentic way of capturing a beloved stream and offering a patron of the arts the chance to exhibit their favorite waters in their home.

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    1. Hey Pete, good to hear from you… my work right now sells for $250.oo 18″x 24″for a creek or small stream, $500.00 for a 24″x36″ larger stream or river, $750.00 for a 36″x 48″ river or body of water, and for the biggest river painting that is 36″x72″ will go for a $1000.00. I absolutely love what I am doing and can’t imagine doing anything else. I am just getting started and the only way to build is up and I look forward to the adventure and meetings along the way.


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