Gallatin River 8/13/16

Actually painting with the river.  The paints are water based and the tradition of working with two canvases on the river is to completely submerge them and rub the canvas pieces together.  It will push the water of the river through to the other side of the canvas and they become completely saturated.  The paint and tip of the line is literally the same water that has come from the river so essentially the image of the river is being painted with the river.

There was a blue sheen that arises with the ripples and is only there for a second.  While mixing the paint a subtle blue color appears and was everything you could hope to see in a river.  It makes one think that the whole reason to paint is to work with colors that still are exciting.  The river was flowing a little deeper and the overcast clouds allowed to move the range of the palette darker throughout the painting.  Since the painting was darker it really brought about the strong highlights that could be seen in the parts of the river that had more foam.

2 paintings 13″x 21″ Acrylic on Canvas

1 painting $350.00

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