1= $350

Gallatin River 8/14/16

Everything is an impression, an impression of a river has a variety of rocks or colors flashing off the bottom, that can only be seen as it flows past, never to return.
An impression of a day spent on a river bank trying to capture what lays before the impression of a human trying to render the image that could potentially be of a painting that may leave more of an impression than the artist ever could.

On this day the sun was out and shining bright in the canyon on the Gallatin River.  I was bound and determined to really show the action and contrasting highlights that reflect the brightness of the river on a sunny day.  The layering effect that takes place on the canvas is from the willingness of changing the end of the line for various thicknesses of when the paint hit the canvas.  After looking at the picture and variety of colors I would have to say that it is one of the more successful paintings to capture the movement and palette  of the river on that day.  The greens were popping and light stayed consistent throughout the day.

2 paintings 13″x 21″ Acrylic on Canvas

1 painting $350

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