Madison River 9/7/16

There was a dilemma today about where to set up as I drove back and forth between two places on the river.  The idea to setup on the Upper Madison is because the clientele that floats the river would have more of a relationship with the nuances of the stream and appreciate the fact that a fly rod was being used to make a painting.  The take out for most of the boats on the river had a spot along its bank that was less than ideal.  The decision was made to find a spot that fits the needs of the art rather than marketing because in the end when art is created and the voice is loud and repetitive, people will listen just give it time.

The Madison River is regulated by a dam at its start.  There is never any flooding or wild waters rushing through the valley.  This also means that there are hardly any banks to set up on that are right on the river.  There is an old steel bridge called Varney Bridge that had a parking lot that was close enough to make due with setting up the painting.  There are five layers of Lexan used to make this painting and there is a definite order they are put in to really push the depth of the painting when all the panels are put together.  This is my most successful attempt at the new river painting idea while using a fly rod to paint with. The evolution of this idea is to paint the next one starting with the highlights and moving backwards to the darker river bottom using one layer of Lexan.

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan


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