Gallatin River 9/26/16

This painting has been my favorite so far in the progression of capturing a river on a certain day.  The evolution of fly cast painting happened with this piece.
The idea is to paint the work from the highlight to the darker areas under the surface of the water, or the darker shadows that fall across it.  The fun part about painting this way is to see the unveiling at the end of the process and see the outcome of the lighter colors on top of the darker ones.  The disadvantage is that when folks walk by they only see one color that is trying to fill up the back space of the painting, that is a rather drab but it works to touch off the highlights underneath.

This was my first trip to the old stomping grounds on the Gallatin River down by the Axtell Bridge.  It was a beautiful fall day and you could see the vibrant colors from the trees complimenting the shimmers on the rivers surface.  The color gold was predominant  and that worked nicely with the blue from the sky.

The fall season could be the most exciting time to paint these works of art.  Fall is all about colors and the compliments upon a stream that can really pull against each other and add to their tension.  If a person were to look at all the paintings throughout the year they could have a representation of the same river at all different times and see the changes that take place.  The Lexan surface is by far my favorite surface to paint on with the final result having a protective surface over the paint and a glossy shimmer that touches off the painting’s appeal.

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan


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