Gallatin River 9/27/16

The conversations were so good on the river today it is hard to even explain where to begin with the artwork.  There were a couple of moves that happened that were different from yesterday’s painting as the weather and location were exactly the same.  The front layers were allowed to dry before the middle layers were applied and this allowed for a more pure strike upon the Lexan as the paint hit its surface.  There is more orange today that resonated from the cottonwood trees on the other side of the river and in trying to capture that very complimentary color with the blue on the water cadmium orange was brought into the fray.  A hatch of mayflies were going nuts as the sun was setting and the fish were hitting the surface of the stream on a regular basis.  The money pic of capturing the sun on the water that matches the painting perfectly faded before the work could be finished.  The control with the fly rod and slapping of the Lexan was pretty controlled this evening and having the paint hit exactly on the surface is getting easier.

I spoke with a fella today on the river by the name of “Jeff”that said he had a connections to someone that markets artwork.  It got me to thinking that if a person were to meet the right person it could completely change their life.  It is one of the connections made on the stream this evening after a run in with a gal from Spain by the name of “Elena Marin”.  She was kind enough to take my picture while I created this work of art.  In the end it was a very moving day as creating work on the river is partly about the connections are made with other interesting people.

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan

$500.00  Sold

2 thoughts on “Gallatin River 9/27/16

  1. I was glad to get an explanation of what you are doing. But… the dark background makes it hard to read. Are you being joined by fly fishermen or other painters?
    When I joined up I was greeted with a “Howdy” . I think that means you will do well in this venture !


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