Mesmerizing C

This pen and ink drawing is painstaking and quite the opposite of a fly cast painting.
The goal of this pen and ink drawings is to create a work of art that represents nothing but the line itself.   Each line ties into another line or shape and allows for the viewers to see the whole piece and perhaps feel the same way  throughout.  There is meant to be nothing representational about the work except for line itself and how many different moves can be made with just a pen and a line and nothing else.  It is a very clean type of work and I would imagine that a viewer could just get lost in the work and find peace during a stressful day or just add a little pizzazz to a room from an original work of art.  The hours put into this piece are quite numerous but it is very gratifying to see it in its entirety.  I hope you enjoy it.

21″x 33″ Sumi Ink on Paper


2 thoughts on “Mesmerizing C

  1. The human idealized goal to take the road less traveled. Perhaps this is not that, but creating a pathway unique to the wanderer. A wanderer that has been destined to walk the path much like the destiny of a river to wander toward the ocean. The river like the man has intrinsic drive to move mountains out of the way to satisfy the need within. Elegant beauty and majesty follow. Each piece so unique and soon to be sought after

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