Yellowstone River 9/30/16

This is my first trip to the Yellowstone to create a fly cast painting.  Autumn leaves are going crazy right now with color…, and the river had an orange, yellow tinge on the sunny side of the waves.  Looking under the surface is a Crimson, Burnt Sienna backdrop that touches off the blue tone that resonates throughout the river.  Just when all the colors are dancing about a cloud comes over and takes the sun out of the equation for two hours.  While this was happening silver began to take over the surface of the river.  It was a challenge as I enjoyed changing with the stream and the different elements that exhibit themselves.

Folks on the Yellowstone River were so friendly and interested in what was happening with the fly cast paintings.  Some folks got my information for further networking but other people were coming down the river in drift boats and kayaks giving the thumbs up and it was a really positive day.  I can not wait to make another painting on the Yellowstone River.

24″x 36″ Acrylic on Lexan


3 thoughts on “Yellowstone River 9/30/16

  1. I am so glad you are getting noticed and people asking to get in touch !!
    I knew it was a good sign when I joined and was welcomed with a HOWDY !


    1. The Yellowstone River has quite the appeal and there will be a lot more interesting paintings coming from this river. My paintings haven’t quite taken off yet but give it time. Thank you for checking out the site.


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