Gallatin River 10/5/16

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan


A local rancher was talking about the river changing color. He said there is a small tributary by the name of Lightening Creek way up in the headwaters of the Gallatin River that has a deposit of Dolomite.  After a hard rain like the one that just happened the river changes color to the chalky green.  The painting doesn’t have the depth as if the water were gin clear but creates a variety of color not seen in previous paintings.  There was also a hatch of mayflies coming off the river, but the flies preferred to be relaxing on the rocks almost waiting for the day to warm up before they made their move over the surface of the stream.


On this day the goodness of people is a remembrance that Montana has genuinely gracious folk that live within is borders.  Aside from the rancher, there was another fisherman that made his way across the river to see what the painting was all about.  He was a dedicated fly fisherman that was talking about a telescoping fly rod made in Japan that a person doesn’t cast with but would take a set amount of line and dip the water with heavy nymphs.  He said it is quite effective and had caught 30 fish the previous day.

This painting is a part of fall with the yellow hint on top of the opaque surface reflecting the trees in the background.  How long has Lightening Creek been pouring Dolomite into the water to create the chalky effect?  I would like to think it was during a time when the country was being discovered, and noticed by a passerby and then not given another thought just experienced.

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