Yellowstone River 10/7/16

24″x 36″ Acrylic on Lexan


The wind was howling past like a rabid stray wolf late for supper when the easel and Lexan were taken out from the bed of the truck.
The flat surface of the Lexan was turning and whipping within the frigid breeze before the spot to set up the painting target was found.  Of course the direction the fly line would strike would be from an upwind position and with a slight flick of the wrist the paint could be thrown its way with ease.  A new tube of silver paint had been bought for this special day with the timing of the suns rays glancing off the rivers reflection came from a cross direction of where the river would be viewed.  It is a solitary day with only a handful of folks braving the frigid weather to walk their dogsdsc_0323

This day brings about the determination to make a movie of the process in creating a fly cast painting.  It also lends to the teachings at college where the underpainting is applied to create an expressionistic work.  With time lapse or interval shooting with a tripod and camera, the composition worked out for the most part, but compressing the photos afterwards is another battle.  It is to the point where it is only 6 minutes or so, but there is no one that is going to sit through a series of stills to get to the final piece.  Ideally 30 seconds to a minute would be ideal.

A lot of streams will have a silver reflection come off their surface.  On this particular day there was just enough clarity in the water to show the rocky free stone stream that the Yellowstone is known for.  This is the second painting on the Yellowstone and each time there is a little bit more knowledge gained and another painting that captures the day.

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