Gallatin River 10/10/16

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan


The streams of Montana ripple with the heritage of fly fishing their notorious waters and drips with nostalgia of classic and modern methods of presenting flies to awaiting fish.    There was not a bug to be seen on this blustery day.  The water has a subtle opaque veridian green and glints of the cobalt autumn blue sky shimmering off the undulating waves making their way to the Atlantic ocean.  Earth tone, fall, leaves dot the river bank and flutter in the wind towards their final resting place before the winter freeze.   Silver reflections dance across the surface of the Gallatin’s golden October hint of harshness to the cottonwood trees standing in a row along the river’s edge.  It is a hypnotic day to be casting a fly rod at Lexan set down wind from the direction of the weather’s rampage across the Montana landscape.


This painting captures a wide contrast of emphasized colors that are seen on the surface of the river.  The rhythm in the painting is very evident with the end of the fly line smacking the surface in a repeated motion.  There is a synchronized method of tying like colors together to make this painting come together throughout the process.  The strike on the first highlighted areas are kept tighter than the underling layers that has more of the Gallatin river’s water mixed with the paints liquidity, creating a wash that shows the depths of the rivers undercurrent in the receding depths of the painting.  The final underpainting was kept at a subdued state of color with burnt sienna, orange, and gold.  This is one of the more exciting works that demonstrates a controlled execution of an autumn day on the Gallatin River.

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