Madison River 10/18/16

24″x 36″ Acrylic on Lexan


What a day to be on the Madison River!!  When arriving at the the location
for the painting, gold in all depths of radiant hues were dancing with the vibrant blues that touched off the overwhelming vibrancy of the water’s surface.  The painting was going to be as striking and brilliant as the Madison River and the mixing of colors began.  To start off the day the shiniest part of the river was the gold and touches of silver that went along with it.  There was a slight opaque blueish green that smothered the deeper parts of the swirling currents.  A hint of radiant blue compliments the opaque part of the river and it is almost overwhelming to take it all in when suddenly… a cloud covers the sun, the sun drops behind the hill, the waters get gloomier and loses the fiery edge.  In the transition from a bright day to a cloudy one the river takes on a more subtle appearance and picking up on the contrasts of color is more difficult especially when they were yelling volumes before.  It is still the same river but the challenge is showing the transition of color without losing the first couple layers.  Crimson comes into play and at the very end of the painting there was a dark purple to be seen out in the base of a ripple that was coming over a rock.  Throughout the process there were trout rising to the surface in droves…


Mayflies were coming off the waters surface faster than the trout could feed, and fishermen across the way were whooping up their success of landing a decent fish.  The painting has gold in the forefront and the blues just keep pushing their depths as the day began to end. What a day to be on the Madison River!!

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