Gallatin River 10/25/16

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan


This day has been the biggest day for me on the river.  It is a day that I was interviewed by a TV station KBZK.
They were doing an interview of me casting on the Gallatin River to create a painting.  The reporter Judy Slate was asking the most inquisitive questions and really pulled back the curtain on the process of creating the painting with a fly rod and taking some excellent footage to show on the News Cast the same evening. She was very professional and efficient and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the job she did.  This is a link to the broadcast.

The Gallatin River was showing a little bit of that opaque green that is becoming more familiar after a steady rain in the mountains.  There was some clarity though and the sun was just making the turn around the Cottonwoods that were situated behind me.  The silver grey was predominating the top of the river and the color of choice was silver mixed with a hint of blue and iridescent white.  The clouds were moving overhead that changed the value range of the color scheme and reinforced the idea to stick to a monochromatic color to not get too far off base with the tone of the river when the sun would eventually show up again.
As for the beginning of this art career this painting is by far the most notorious having been on the news and getting a lot of social media attention.  It is a blend of fused colors and distinctive markings from the fly line.  The ratio of light to dark is spot on and the temperament of its application  is in tune with the flow of the river.  With over 3.8 thousand views so far, this piece has more of a story than most of the paintings created to date.

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