Rainbow #1

5’x6′ Acrylic on Canvas


In the morning I texted my brother and said “I am about to do one of the scariest things I have ever done”.
Figuring that there was a guy that was always camped on the side of 19th Ave. had permission to sell his goods I was going to set up shop and create the largest flycast painting for all the world to see.  19th Ave. is the busiest road in Bozeman with cars a constant hum. Upon further reflection the city was called and permission was asked as they put me through to the state department and the state department said there is no way they would let me create a painting in the ditch on the side of the road.  Ned had the connection for the person that owned the land and they were very gracious to let me set up shop in the morning.  After permission was granted it was time to get to work.  This painting is the evolution of control and having another subject matter created with a fly rod that still pertains to fly fishing.  Three stripes over an under painting and wrestling with the metallics that blend together not only was this painting historical, it was starting to wear on my casting arm.  Never before has a painting been created with a fly rod that represents something other than color or the rivers.  This painting is the accume garnered through hundreds of thousands of casts and the idea that control of the paint can be harnessed and the fresh look of casting upon the canvas would give the subject matter an expression that is sought after by so many contemporary artists.


This painting is the beginning of flycast painting away from a river.  It is the stepping away from the river and into another area that is more conventional, but allows for the concept of the painting to be more on the painting side of the spectrum if the concept is divided between fly fishing and painting.  The next fish I catch will have a study of its flank in spades. Take this a step even further and then the painting could still be about the river except it is the idea that it is about the fish in the river, and the river is back in the picture in a non conventional or abstract sort of way since it was the river that the fish was raised in that the painting represents.  The wild look of lines, and liberal use of color, puts this painting on par and beyond any painting I have seen in the galleries with an abstract expression but still represent the side of a rainbow trout.

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