Yellowstone River 11/7/16


Blazing in the sky, the sun is still shining over the rivers of Montana in November.  The early morning gold from the trees and surrounding hillside shimmer off the surface of the water to test the very intensity of the paints in my box.  Gold and Blue is always a combination that has captivated viewers for centuries.  On this day with the Yellowstone in immaculate shape I was allowed the right color combination to set up on Carter’s Bridge just out of Livingston.  From the last painting to this one, the theme was going to be about balance throughout the piece and generate a riffle effect as the water is seen.  With the proper weather Carter’s Bridge has the right amount of white foam as the stream flits over the shallower parts of the river and allows for a more diverse range of highlights when beginning the piece.  A guide was putting his boat in the river and we had a great discussion about the work and the prospects of catching a fish on this day. He had the only boat on that stretch the entire day.  He said people clear off the river when the temperatures dip into the forties.  There is a hint of green on the river throughout the day.  A new yarn was used that had a thicker diameter and would hold more paint than bunching up the smaller diameter yarn to create the tonal effect when the painting gets down to the darker color ranges in the river scene.


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