Rainbow/Brown Trout 11/21/16

36″x 72″ Acrylic on Lexan




There are moments that fly by and the comprehension of them is perhaps not realized until later.  In the moment of creating the fly cast paintings today a fella pulled over from Helena and said “I have never seen anything like this.  Do you mind if I take a picture of you painting so that I can be a part of history?”  He was caught up in the creation of the piece by the use of a fly rod.  Awesome!! What a great exchange because he was pumped.  He left saying “I am rooting for you.”  Later in the day Kimberly and Carol stopped by and critiqued my sign and took my picture next to the work.  They had stopped by before and always give the best critiques.  Suzy came by with her mom and I haven’t seen her in a little while.  It is nice to know there are friendly faces.  The craziest thing happened about a quarter of the way into the painting a loud noise was heard and a tire came flying off of a little honda and bounced down the road into oncoming traffic.  Nothing happened to the other cars.  I ran over to see if the gal was okay and instructed her to put on her hazards as her car was sticking out into the road.  I also told her to call the police so that she could be protected from the traffic until help arrived.  She wasn’t comprehending everything I was saying so I reached into the car and found her hazard button.  Later, as she sat in the car she came out in a huff and was yelling at the automobile place saying “This is not my f-ing fault.” The cop showed up a little bit later and hauled her away.  What a day for that gal?

The evolution of creating a side for the glossy part of the Lexan and a side for the textured painterly side, has been transferred to the concept of a fish flank on both sides capturing two different species of trout that are hunted by the use of a fly rod.  To pull a room together and set it off, all that has to happen is the painting be turned around for a totally different look.  The mounting of this piece would be creative as well, allowing for the flip to happen.  There was a lot of excitement as the protective layer was pulled away from the Lexan at the very end and the brown trout side was revealed underneath the clear Lexan piece.  This idea will be huge for an unveiling when one side is shown and to an unsuspecting audience, the piece is flipped and a whole different arraignment of opinions can be given again.  The ever-evolving idea of this has unlimited possibilities and the compounding of concepts is starting to get a little bit ridiculous.  Lets pretend that a fly is painted as the first layer and then a fish flank is painted over that for the textured side and the colors of the fish come from the colors of the river on a particular day, and that pattern of fly was being used.  Aesthetics….keep it simple.

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