Gallatin River 2/12/17

18″x24″ Acrylic on Lexan


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The day was too good to pass up.  The sun is out, a new shipment of paint had come in and brand new Winston Rods were ready to cast.

Showing up in the morning at the Axtell Bridge there were some larger ice chunks floating down the river and snow pack lining the shorelines.  A few fishermen dotted the banks and upon learning later were quite successful casting a worm underneath the bridge.  Today holds a lot of promise, the focus of the painting will be underneath the surface of the river emulating the rock shapes on the bottom.

In the mail the other day the Winston Rods came through and if there is one thing about Montana it is that Winston makes the finest rods I have ever casted.  They are light, smooth and have an extra bit of thrust at the tail end of the cast.  The company makes them from scratch, the blanks are rolled at the factory, wound, and assembled.  They will be the rods I paint with from here on out. America!!

A different move that I have been thinking about is to take off the protective layer on the one side of the painting and save it for the reflective surface that holds a little bit of blue from the sky.  The Lexan surface will play away from the painting and allow the reflections to float above the markings from the flycast paint underneath the clear Lexan surface.

The layers were really played up today with a slight Burnt Sienna bottom to the river, and white and gold rocks playing the part of the highlights underneath.  There was a lot of blue on the surface that could be seen from two different directions, and the idea to combine Payne’s Grey with Cobalt blue as a more daring color to throw in the mix was thwarted when the reality of the situation called for a shot of Burnt Umber to get everything back under control.

UP NEXT: A fly tied to represent a fish, a strong shadow, sharper lines on the rocks.

Stay Tuned, and thank you for reading.

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