Paintings Crossing over

I have a story for you….There are a lot of jelly in these donuts.
I have given up everything to see this idea through and help preserve our freshwater streams as it is becoming bigger than myself and is an idea that will help shape and benefit the world, it is an idea of the times.
My name is Ben Miller and I create paintings using a fly rod.  When I started out with this idea that was the extent of it, but it is a lot more than that:
From an artist’s standpoint how many paintings are created with a brush moving at potentially 80mph?  The expression captured with a fly rod creates marks that could not be made from the traditional sedentary position for most styles of painting.  The concept needed to have merit towards fly fishing so the subject matter that is captured are streams and bodies of water which are in fact palettes of color that move.  Trout sides are being created now as well since control over the medium is getting to be more concise.  The parallels between painting and fly fishing is uncanny.
PaintingFly fishing
Paints are carried in a tackle box Fly fishing tackle is carried in a tackle box
The end of a brush is created from animal fur or synthetic material Flies are made from animal fur or synthetic material
A ferrule is used to attach the material to the brush A ferrule is used to attach the fishing rod together
Painting is a meditation within the process and pursuit of success Fly fishing is a meditation within the process and pursuit for success
Painters make decisions about color Fly fishermen make decisions about color when selecting their fly
Painters made decisions about the size of brush they will use The size of the fly is assessed then attached to the leader
The expression and movement for a painter is determined in how fast or slow they will mark the canvas The presentation of a fly is determined how fast or slow they cast their rod
Painters mark the canvas with repetition Fly fishing is a matter of timing and repetition
“Striking the canvas” A fish taking a fly is referred to as a “strike”
Here is the good part:  There is a whole community based around the idea to catch fish using a fly rod.  Why use a fly rod for anything?  Folks recognize it as an art form that is not usually easy but a challenge that involves the manipulation of materials wrapped on a hook to fool a fish into a strike.  The flies and styles vary greatly.  With a large segment of the population grasping the idea of fly fishing the work has room for validation in its process and in its crusade for validation it can be used to help benefit the programs through auctions and sales that bring awareness to causes where people are passionate about preserving the streams and waters they hold dear.  Like a biologist said when it comes to “water” trout are always considered last.
30 years fly fishing
20 years pursuing the visual arts
I moved to Bozeman Montana (the fly fishing capital of the world)
Thank you for your time and considering this new idea.

12 thoughts on “Paintings Crossing over

  1. I really love this whole idea… I’m also a poet and have poem about fish flies…Just included it in an entry for a chapbook in Montana…We have things in common. I gave up brushes, too, for tools from the hardware store. There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cats of art!

    Thanks for following Art and Tulips. I’ll be following your posts as well.



    1. Sally,

      Thank you so much!! I am trying to get across that if a fisherman is on a river and catches nothing then the actions that are demonstrated are the exact same as creating the painting so essentially is the painting more of a painting or the emulation of a day spent on a river where the kinesthetics are the same and decisions as well on casting placement and different colors used? Thank you for sharing my blog.

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  2. This is SO unique! I find it both fascinating and intriguing. Your creativity is wonderful, and to be doing it in the environment must be exhilirating. Wish you every success.
    BTW – thank you so much for the follow of Soul Gifts. Appreciate it.


  3. Utterly intriguing.
    I am embarrassed to say as a Scot, where fly fishing is a whole industry, I know nothing about it.
    But I love your ideas and wish you well.
    Thanks for visiting Sound Bite Fiction, we almost have another crossover in that title!


    1. Thank you so much, and good luck to you as well. I have somee more ideas coming around and can’t wait to unleash the idea of water and paint on the world and how it pertains to fly fishing and the elements of art.


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