Big Creek 3/18/17

$250.00 a piece

set of three

After coming back from the “Arts Out West Show” in Great Falls it was nothing short of absolutely inspiring to create and be a part of an innovative group of like minded folks that make art and have managed to establish themselves in immersing themselves in their passions for a living.  These paintings were created up Big Creek that is currently experiencing a major thaw from the warmer temperatures hitting the snow and clearing out the valley floors.  The spacing was limited to create these paintings so their creation was staged literally on the dirt road overlooking the creek.  Minimal traffic this time of year allowed for that silliness to go on so the next plan of attack on this creek with limited space is to take the painting into the creek where the back cast has enough room down stream to represent a clear shot at the Lexan.

Big Creek is located up Paradise Valley just past Emigrant on the drainage to Sky Mountain Lodge where these works will be featured.  They are available for purchase directly from me as well and I am excited about this small creek series that these are representing.


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