Bozeman Creek 3/22/17

Series of Three $250.00 a piece

11″x 14″ Acrylic on Lexan

The weather was going to be great they said, it will be fun they said…the sun was shining and I was heading over the hump to the Madison River to capture Cherry Creek. The wind was blowing like mad and Cherry Creek was flowing with mud.  Plan B…Pack in supplies up Bozeman Creek where the wind was cut down but the weather was starting to change in the afternoon.  After finally getting set up it was time to paint… The creek was flowing with a hint of greenish blue and snow was on its banks.  The most striking thing about the work was going to be the compliment of colors with the orange rocks dominating the bottom of the streambed and playing off the blueish tinge to the water.

With an average temperature around 50 degrees for most of the day it began to drop half way through the painting and the acrylic stopped drying.  The second half of the work began to act like the properties of an oil paint and the contrast fell off significantly so the moves became more subtle before the shower really hit the valley floor.


I am super pumped about the glossy side to this work with the hard contrast, balanced reflection, complimentary colors, and incorporated action with the proper ratio.  These paintings are the reason for this venture into flycast painting and coming away from the creek capturing the day with some very literal marks on the Lexan surface.

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