Gallatin River 3/28/17

18″x 24″ Acrylic on Lexan



FINALLY, the wind died down, the sun came out and there was a shot at being able to flycast paint on the Gallatin River in the afternoon hours.  Like most streams there is a bit of runoff this time of year that adds a certain color and an unforgiving rawness of power as the melt tumbles over itself to get to the next stage in its cycle.  The Gallatin is snapping into shape quite efficiently with spin casters on the opposite shore reeling in a very nice rainbow trout and every half hour a fish could be seen breaking the surface to take in one of the thousands of midges that were landscaping the shoreline and surface film of the water.  This is the stage in which the painting would be created today, with a hint of green in the water, folks that I have met saying “hello” from the bridge, blue reflections from the clear sky, and gold shimmers from the sun.  The paintings are trying to take on more of an awareness and dimension when it all comes back to the contrast in colors where the light shows off the dark and the transition back and forth between the two opposite shades.  The far reaching anticipation is to see if it can elevate the art to a greater illuminations towards  a stronger form within the polycarbon material. I hope you enjoy the Gallatin River 3/28/17.



4 thoughts on “Gallatin River 3/28/17

  1. You definitely win the prize for most-original artist!
    Thanks so much for the ‘follow’ as it led me to your amazing work!

    I fished for years with open-faced reels, so I can totally appreciate you ‘nailing’ each cast! Here in Ecuador I don’t fish, but watching the video took me back in time!

    Thanks again!


    1. Thank you very much!! I am seeing a lot of nice trout coming out of South America on the Facebook feeds. Being on a river there is always a lot of nostalgia. I hardly have any time to fish anymore. lol Thank you for the like and it is good to know you.

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