Lava Creek YNP 4/1/17

Series of Three $250.00 a piece

11″x14″ Acrylic on Lexan

Glossy Side

Textured Side



Jumping the gun a little bit on Yellowstone as I believe that place will be my home for the summer.  There is still only one road open going to Cooke City but the traffic that did stop and check out the work was in depth with their stories and interactive in having folks cast a fly rod.  Buffalo, Elk, Sheep, and one wolf were common place along the road and an informative gal talking about the mating displays of Peregrine Falcons.  Lava Creek had the best access along the road and had a calming, babbling feel to it as it meandered through the trees.  The sun was out at the beginning of the painting and towards the end the clouds moved in and pushed the darker depths of the creek and muted the gold-sienna bottom.


There is no soliciting paintings in the park so the easel that I have that says “Flycast Paintings For Sale” is almost comical to think of setting that up and telling the Park officials there is no solicitation taking place.  The different characteristics of creeks varied greatly in there inception coming out of the hills and to explore them all and learn the park has been spurred on by this trip.  There is a feeling of awe and sense of “wild” driving past thousands of animals beneath jagged snowcapped peaks that gives this country a sense of being completely unforgiving when pealing back the layers of absolute wilderness.  Who wouldn’t want to paint under these conditions?

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