#16 Soft Hackle Rise


Resin/Acrylic on Refurbished lumber


This idea has been on the books for awhile, years in fact.  I don’t exactly understand what the pursuit is to crack the code of a fisherman being on the side of a stream looking into the water and absorbing the scene, understanding the task at hand, and like the water rushing by we are only here for a short time.  It can be compared to a religion, nirvana, or just that fact that there is an awareness that can’t be found anywhere else.  This morning there was this story I heard about where a fella buried a million and a half dollars out in the wilds of Montana.  Why would someone do that?  The folks that have set to looking for it are dreamers.  Like fly fisherman the dream to catch fish and be a success in that pursuit are what these paintings are trying to inspire in concept.

In medium, for painters, I want to create a painting that literally moves.  Treating the resin like water and the depths that come from the thick layers create a refraction of light on the bottom of the stream, over the fish, and pushes the idea of realism that can’t be created with brush strokes alone.  Liquid water over a painting that has an uneven surface will pick up the refraction and move throughout the piece.  The painting is sandwiched in between resin layers creating a three dimensional effect over the fish and in the theme of combining fly fishing and painting an actual fly is stuck into the work.

This work of art is the first one off the line with the resin idea.  I want it to capture the anticipation from the thrill of the take and site fishing for the prize.  Perhaps a cast that fell short and the trout makes that sudden turn from the commotion the fly left on the surface, or the stream bringing down the fly on the swing and the trout is just doing its thing to nab it. The board is from a refurbished lumber place located in Belgrade and has a rustic appeal that translates to the culture in the surrounding area.  The wood frame is imperfect and dealing with nature it only fits that there should be knots throughout the piece and one side has resin just pealing over the side and in this area the painting takes on the frame itself.  A lot of times the framing of a piece or art is more expensive than the painting itself.  This work takes care of all those needs.  For a rustic look that pertains to fly fishing, that literally moves with a changing light source, this would work in any cabin, house, or area where the outdoors are celebrated.

*The resin will tea up a little bit over time and it is advised to not put outdoors as the UV will be harmful.


Seeing fish from a natural state all began for me with this piece just out of college.


A couple pieces the learning curve along the way to arrive at the resin idea with fly fishing as the central theme.



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