Brown Trout vs. Black Stone



Haha, These paintings are fun and fill the void for refraction of water on the painting.  I might not live another year breathing in the fumes from the resin but in the end if I made a few paintings that scratch the itch for fly fishing then it was a good life.


The act of a big brown coming up for a fly is a targeted pursuit by many fisherman that has international intrigue.  I want these resin paintings to be a cross over from fly fishing to painting and create works of art that literally move with a changing light source.

This painting is inspired by the cartilage on the side of the mouth being the sweet spot to set the hook on the fish.  If this painting started from anywhere it was that.  The rocks are softened on the bottom to create an atmospheric perspective and the resin is stacked on top of the painting to get the proper refraction lines when a light source is focused on it.  The background of the painting is set for a spot lit effect and create more intrigue as the light can come from another source that is unforeseen on the stream.

*The resin will tea up a little bit and please do not display them in direct sunlight as it will be harmful to the painting.

One thought on “Brown Trout vs. Black Stone

  1. When I see the fish and the reflections on the resin it’s so evocative of seeing a real fish in the water that I want to reach for my polarised sunglasses and get a line in that spot!


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