Brown Trout/Cutthroat Trout

36″x48″ Acrylic on Lexan




Down the Hatch, Orvis, Fly Fishing Festival was gracious enough to allow me some room to be a part of their event.  The setting was upon a hill overlooking the festival right above the band that was playing and had everyone around yelling to be heard when the speakers were blaring.

The epiphany today was feeling the anticipation of being in a new location and not knowing what to expect is the same anticipation felt before  a fishing trip and going off into the unknown. There was a map that was drawn that put me next to the river but the high bank did not allow for a close connection to the river.  It was then decided upon to create some fish sides on the Lexan piece.  A fella at the River’s Edge Fly Shop said that cutthroat were a big seller and on the textured side a Brown Trout side was go to when it came to the second surface of the painting.  There were surfers in the river riding the waves and it seemed to be a very familiar event in that neck of the woods and it drew a crowd all day long.  Speaking of crowds there was plenty going on with one guy burning a stick in the park and dancing around it, a gal that kept taking off her shirt and putting it back on while talking to herself, and one fool on top of a hill using a fly rod to paint with.


This painting has a lot of subtle action to it on this size of a scale as the spey rod was put aside with too many folks crowding around and not allowing for an all out backcast.  The six weight was used 90% of the time with smaller sizes to bring about more action using individual strokes with great repetition.  Having a solid picture in a magazine was an immense help and getting away from the cutthroat’s high key side was a lot of paint being used for the underbelly of the brown trout.  The scale lines were metallic and with a medium contrast to the top of the trout side and it is nice to see the play of contrast with the action lines having the opposite contrast from the top of the trout side and the bottom underbelly of the pattern.

The epicenter of fly fishing culture takes place at the Orvis Down the Hatch event with guides competing with their casting abilities and who can put rods together the fastest.  Quite entertaining and a boon to the promotion of fly fishing with venders all about and a large draw of people taking in the sites.


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