Madison River 5/6/17


The melting snow came at a thunderous rate as the Gallatin drainage was a muddy mess making my way over the bridge towards the Madison River.  The Madison River (being a tailwater stream) was holding its own against the runoff on the hottest day to date for the year.  The bugs were rejoicing coming out of the water landing on Lexan, Palette and a bottle of water that was taken to stay hydrated as the day’s warmth was taken on for a fly cast painting.


It would be a challenging day for painting considering the amount of clouds that would change the light coming off the water’s surface.  It would be a challenge to meld the hint of green with the clear high flow that ripples over the surface that will show the highlights from the sky against the shadow side of the rivers uneven surface.  It would be a challenge that I look forward too.

The rods and reels were taken out of the truck in a flurry and set up with great anticipation to be on the river for the day’s entirety.  The painting would be created and towards the end a photographer was going to come down and record the action.

In this adventure of creating paintings of rivers using a fly rod, one of the greatest parts about it is the people that you meet.  Theresa Rocicot and Juwani are those people that are down to earth, genuine in what they say, no agenda just being in the moment, honest and squeezing the seconds.  Theresa was going to run the shutter and after much deliberation on her style of photography (where everyone wants to capture the perfect composition with just the right pose) I would say that Theresa’s work has the symmetry to a point but it is not the whole story behind how she sees through the camera.  There is always a little bit of sketch, a foreground prop that is used for framing, a scraggly bush in the corner of the frame,  where other photographers would absolutely avoid to get the Jesus on High shot, Theresa uses the acceptance of items to her advantatage.  Having the eye to get the photo as well as the spontaneity to get away from any staged silliness that would be awkward and create an atmosphere that would not be about the process of fly cast painting at all.


The guts of the day and decisions that were made had a lot to do with focusing on the ever changing colors. Gold turns to silver, Green turns to an earth tone and the Sienna on the bottom disappears entirely when a cloud blocks the sun.  Just being the conduit for the action on the river and the transference to a painting for the ever changing colors, the painting has a spring vibe to it.  The foliage along the banks are in full force, the river has a brashness to it as the water is just hours away from once being snow.


If there is a wall, a wall that yearns for a painting to be about the outdoors, a style or unique perspective that sets the trend for its owner being about action, a visionary of innovation, this painting would say just that.  With two different sides to choose from and currently well under a thousand dollars there is no copy of this work as it is all original in execution and concept.  A contemporary painting with a plain aire setting that has expression in lines and an impressionist palette, it covers a number of genres throughout the rich history of art to take on its own unique chapter.

36″x 48″ Acrylic on Lexan


This is the link for purchase

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