Rainbow Sunrise


When an idea for art is thought about there is a certain overwhelming feeling that comes along and you know the idea is a good one.  That is the case when working with resin that the idea for Rainbow Sunrise came about.  Just like fly cast painting I have never seen it created before and looking throughout art history I have yet to see a painting that explores the idea of there being two planes on the same piece in which to work from.  The physical properties of the world will play a part in the effectiveness of the art and this concept will tie into the piece itself.


This piece gives rise to the vantage point of the viewer being in the place of the fish looking forward or underneath the water looking at the fly.  At an art opening for a gallery in the space of people walking through the door I will have a suspended piece of Resin above their heads and a fly right in the middle so they can look up and take in the vantage point of the fly.


This piece is meant to be hung vertically and have a light shining through the top to create the illumination of the fish coming up to take a bite.  This painting is the first of its kind with more to follow and a rustic frame on the outside would go well in just about every home.

On a side note the resin pieces would be hard to replicate in their concept and the entirety of how they are created.  There are a lot or prints that are made from paintings but when a painting is made in the resin manner its unique authenticity of it being an original will stay intact.  Thank you for checking in at Dutch Rogue Cove and the combination of fly fishing and painting continues.



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