Fire Hole River


If you have ever been to Yellowstone National Park and you get away from all the busses and the traffic there is a sense of foreboding of being in the absolute untouched country where anything can happen and you are all alone.  There is peace to be found and a sense of awe.  There was a conservation meeting in town the day before that capitalized on the issues facing the invasive species in the streams that are part of Yellowstone.  The activity along the banks with the entomology was intense with a flurry of caddis fluttering up out of the river in about 20 minute intervals.  What goes on underneath these waters whether there is a different species or not, still has the geological make up from history gone by that harbors a vast amount of secrets.



The Fire Hole River is just below Hot Springs that pop out of the earth.  The stream bottom is red and gold just like the title would suggest.  A slight hit of green of vegetation is on the rocks and with a heavy flow, the depths brought about a hard Paynes Grey with a cool freshness to help contrast the highlights.  Conditions were perfect for a fly cast painting.  With an 18″ x24″ Lexan surface the size of the river was likened to the range of the Gallatin River further down the valley.  Before the painting began the concept of thinking about how Burnt Sienna and gold would play against a dark back ground as if it were tiger stripes and brimstone as a fly cast painting is created where the earth begins.





18″x24″ Acrylic on Lexan

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