The many different ideas and reasons to create art are vast in their applications.  When art is created for a specific cause there is no better reason to purchase a work when the proceeds go to something that is greater than just the art itself.  Eaglemount in Bozeman is such a cause where the folks that work for the non-profit group have the interest of the kids with special needs at the forefront of who they are, and help out.  The have a pool, horses and an immense backing of good people to see their best efforts put forth to create some pretty amazing experiences that would not happen if the good will of people were not applied.

I am honored to be a part of the Eaglemount’s efforts to generate excitement for their efforts, and in kind, they are generous to allow me to show up to their event and break out a fly cast painting.  The day would not be completely without incident but in the end one of the most vibrant trout sides would be generated.

Showing up to the grounds the weather was hot.  Out in the sun soaked parking lot, a button up shirt was apparently not the best choice as it was constricting and unrelenting to the warmth that painting was going to generate.  These were my first thoughts before the rain began to pour.

The rain washed away all my efforts very quickly and the moisture in the air was not going allow for a painting to be immediately feasible.  Stephanie Uter the program coordinator was kind enough to ask if I had another painting on standby that would work for the auction.  I did, but didn’t want to make that a luke warm plan B if everything else falls apart.  The rain eventually subsided after a little break the paint was being cast at record levels.  empty marks were being hit and the scheme came together just like I had hoped.  As another squall came through I stood next to the painting with an old piece of Lexan to cover it out in the pouring rain that seemed like it took forever.  My fingers had lost their sensitivity and the reoccurring idea kept coming into my mind how the majority of people contract hypothermia in conditions that were between 40 and 50 degrees.

By the time the sun hit the button shirt on my back it was the most welcome sensation that gave new hope to the completion of the fly cast painting.

Eaglemount was bustling with activity and walking through the door Susan saw the  work and said “I think that painting might have to go home with me”.  As the bidding began Susan was the winning bid and some of the nicest folks to meet.  I can’t say enough about the generosity and warmth at the Eaglemount event but it is definitely put on for the right reasons and with Sharon Smith making me a part of the Western Rendeszvous I am grateful.

 36″x48″ Acrylic on Lexan

Eaglemount Live Auction


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