Coachman in a Pool

11″x 36″ Acrylic in Resin


The artwork needs more drama and a story.  How many different tricks can be put into the idea to make the vision representable to the world?  The coachman fly holds a special place for me since it was the first pattern used when fly fishing to catch a fish.  A very modest fish mind you, that would qualify for a sardine on a pizza but a cherished memory all the same.  Ever since then the fly fishing arsenal has contained a Royal Coachman in its ranks.


There is a certain Burnt Sienna color mixed with gold that a cutthroat’s colors will contain with a hit of green to match the vegetation on the bottom of the river. One of the things about being a painter is the excitement that happens when a color is realized.  The rich copper gold is such a color.  The spotlit effect on the bottom of the stream is particularly important to the staple of these paintings being created and it is hard to find ordinary pictures of fish in the bottom of streams with an aerial view.

A cutthroat trout is a highly prized species of fish represented in the northwest.  The spots on a fish vary significantly from region to region or in different bodies of water.  As far as drama that can be created in a painting this has the most contrast looking down to date.




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