Firehole River


A true testament to Yellowstone National Park and it is that is an accumulation of complete…madness. Bison must be the most tolerant species ever created and it is a wonder that more people are not gored and flattened in their pursuits to be one with nature.  10 feet away, 5 feet away, I am shocked if there hasn’t been an artist out there that takes pictures of just people being brazen in how close they can get to these creatures.


Stopping at Old Faithful there was no parking, so that is to be saved for another day.  The irony at fishing bridge is the first sign you read is, NO FISHING. A three pound fish was seen off the bridge and it would have been pretty wild to imagine fisherman lined up, seeing the fish and everyone making there best attempts at the same prize.  There are some more missed photo opportunities.

One of the most appealing places for a fly cast painting comes along the Firehole River right in the heart of Biscuit Basin.  It has open stretches in which to work, there is a lot of traffic, and the Firehole River is absolutely amazing.  There is a lot of diversity in the rocks on the warm scale for color.  With a couple of springs bubbling up out of the ground the brimstone in the river bottom dominates the color palette.

Lessons learned for the park today…come early, leave late, and watch the sun on the setup.  The Fly cast process is about to evolve and my palette stand is on its last leg.  I will be looking for a more simple solution of using parts in nature for the easel and the palette will be attached to my arm for the mixing of paint.  It is almost a year to the day when this all began and I imagine that it is fitting that the next step be taken at this juncture.


18″x24″ Acrylic on Lexan


2 thoughts on “Firehole River

  1. How very cool! Love your unique method of combining fly casting and painting. Sitting here, I can imagine the meditative dance of casting and watching the colors build on the piece as you watch the river flow.


    1. Yes, that is such a part of the process. I have a whole thing about painting and fly fishing being the same thing and a lot of that has to do with the meditative process. Thank you for liking my post and it sure looks like you take on a lot of adventure.


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