“Payne’s Monochrome Trout”


So much time is spent on colors and the gnashing of teeth to get it just right.  Lets take out the color scheme and focus on form, contrast, and other elements that can excite and execute the overall concept of a trout resin painting.  Initially thinking about the possibilities of a straight monochrome painting would be created with black and white and since there was no black the unknown properties of Payne’s Grey are explored.  There is a lot of Blue in Payne’s Grey which is fitting since it deals with the general idea that water is construed as blue.  The cooler color scheme matches well with its counterpart in Titanium White.



These monochrome paintings are just fun and another line or path to be taken in the pursuits of resin paintings.  There are branches coming up with options for a stricter palette.  One side note about the resin trout paintings are the cost of frames for getting pictures framed can be an amazing amount of money.  These paintings are created within the frame itself with a rustic appeal, literal movement with the refractions and shadows, and a unique spin on seeing trout in water.

Acrylic and Resin


4 thoughts on ““Payne’s Monochrome Trout”

  1. Oh yes, I have seen those and they are very inspiring. The part I love about the resin with the trout is the refraction that happens from the uneven surface at the top.


  2. Beautiful! The simp!e palette is really restful! I’m intrigued by your method, do you paint the trout and stones in acrylic and then add a resin layer? It’s really effective!


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