Lake Louise


There are theaters and then there are theaters!!  Looking up the lake towards the sheer cliffs that frame one of the most famous lakes in the world, has a person not only think how small they are but privileged to be alive in such majesty.


The other theatre is all the kind folks going by on the super highway hiking trail.  Everyone of them was kind and optimistic about the fly cast painting happening before their eyes!!  Except one guy that was overheard saying, “What a dumb idea”,  I think that brought the biggest smile to me.

Some of the most insightful feedback was one kid the mom called “Matt” that sat on the shore and had his own ideas of how a fly cast painting should be created.  If you are reading this Matt…well done, all ideas are considered and I hope to see you on the lake one day!!

One gal with a passel of kids was asking if there are any fish in the lake.  I replied “I have no idea”.  Under the assumption I was fly fishing the gal was sort of taken aback, and as she rounded up her kids to go up the trail in a sarcastic tone said “Good luck with that”.   It was perfect!!

One fellow from Australia I could barely understand but from what I gather he was pretty funny in what he was saying, as he laughed at all his jokes.


Lessons learned:

If there is traffic, stand in the lake or water.  Folks won’t be in your backcast, it creates more of a performance scenario and understanding for the painting, but one of the biggest things is that everyone assumes you are fishing and there is then the realization that a painting is being created and the dawning of an idea for folks is on a more pure basis and more crossover from fly fishing to painting is realized.

Get to the lake earlier!! There are busses literally  running all day long just dropping folks off to be at the lake!! You can imagine the lots fill up pretty quick.

Only give out cards to the folks that are absolutely engaged and take the interaction beyond just what is going on but talk about the potential the art has in their own scenarios.

Triptych 54″ x 24″

3, 18″ x 24″ Pieces

Call or PM for pricing (406) 595-2877






6 thoughts on “Lake Louise

  1. Thank you for following Distantshipsmoke. My father taught me to fly fish when I was 9 years old. Fished with him from then through my 20’s. But haven’t picked up a rod in many years, Just retired now, I plan on fixing that.


  2. HOLY SMOKES, How did I not find your blog earlier. I am an avid fly fisher (who never gets to fish because of life/kids/wife) and my father is both very good at watercolor and briefly abducting trout. Amazing work.


  3. Thank you so much. I am trying to capture this day in age of fly fishing and having it be a significant part of recognizable history like collecting the Hardy Perfect or other artifacts from the evolution of this amazing past time. Bringing the experience into the home. Thank you for the comment.


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