Resin and Water

One of the things about creating art is the concept driven ideas behind it.  Just saying that puts those words into the abstract but there is a straddle between those two worlds and that is to bring the medium that you are using to have relevance to the work itself.  The physical when it comes to art is the medium that the artist chooses.  examples:

Painting of a sail boat created on an old sail from an old sail boat.

Carving of a tree made from wood from a tree (Lol) and where else would a person get wood to carve from?

Sculpture of a car with car metal and motor oil used as the medium.

Having brought up these loose examples it is not only the form and elements or art that are being used with the medium to exemplify another idea, but it is the physical properties of these materials that can either limit the artist or be used in a creative way to be more about an art piece than substituted, irrelevant materials ever could.


One of the most exciting things over the years has been to bring the serenity and action of water into a painting.  The strongest parts about the magic of water for me is the refraction lines on the bottom of the stream or lake that moves over rocks or a lake’s bottom.  There are the tricks that a painter will use with a curved line to show three dimension and strong shadows to create a space between the two different surfaces, like a trout sitting six inches above a stream bed.


It wasn’t until an accident happened with material that I realized the potential of using the medium of resin, could I get the properties of water as water would be seen.


This is a picture of the mistake of putting resin on canvas.  Canvas moves and resin is not malleable.  The refraction lines of the resin happening on top of the painted resin lines of the rocks were the epiphany to stop painting the resin lines and let the resin work its magic as water.

To have a big art opening I imagine a room that the viewers walk in and there is a huge sheet of resin suspended above them and the bottom of flies can be seen when looking up.  The viewer takes the place of a fish’s point of view just to kick the party off.

The art has evolved to the point of manipulating the resin refraction and shadow to start writing words throughout the piece.  Resin has the subtle nature of the refraction be subject to the light source that is being shown on the work  and to try and decipher what the words say.



The best product I have found for creating resin works of art, is Art Resin, .  It has the right consistency to pour and mixing is simple, its yellowing is non-existent when indoors, it has a quick eight hour drying time and the smell it puts out is well below the usual resin products found at the hardware store.  Its clarity and properties of water that it has lends itself to the be the perfect product for fly fishing art.




3 thoughts on “Resin and Water

  1. This is amazing. I came over to thank you for following my blog, but this article really caught my attention. Of course, the Lake Louise article with those fantastic photos is an attention getter as well. But I was fascinated by what you’ve explained here. I started doing just a little bit of painting a couple years ago. I’m a writer and a minster, so I don’t have a lot of time for more stuff, but I felt the painting would be a good way to destress. I haven’t done much in the way of finished pieces yet, but just working at it has given me a new understanding and appreciation for people who paint for real.


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