Current State


Action in a painting can be rather mundane at times with an atmosphere that is tranquil or serene.  Perhaps that is the mood, the painting is trying to evoke.  The idea of working with the resin medium lends itself to a wide variety of atmospheres the work is displaying to make that is supposed to come through in the refraction lines and disturbed final layer of the resin.  To transmit more movement a light paint is applied and that takes us to the piece “Current State”.

IMG_1975The most intriguing part about this piece for me is the body of the fish and the three dimension that is coming through the action lines of the water.  The tail section, and the very slight light to dark from the side of the fish to the top is on point for this idea.  The circles around the fly is perhaps a painterly move to draw more attention to the surface of the painting and the idea of the trout’s objective being apparent to nab the fly.  Around the painting on the inside of the frame is a red line to help draw in the viewer and lead the eye throughout the work.  The rocks on the bottom of the painting are created with oil paints and to have oil and acrylic in the same work is a hard thing to find in the art world since they do not blend and have different bases in their composition.  An acrylic painted fish on top of the piece will have a lighter feel and not as much body as this work shows the difference in the two mediums.  The rocks are left with a softer brush to be in direct contrast to the trout’s sharp lines that are suspended above them.  A rustic piece that exemplifies the passion for fly fishing.  It is meant to be hung vertical as if having an arial view of the action below.  The resin slops over on the side of the frame and I appreciate the fact that is does to create a space that is meant for the frame but comes from the painting and therefore leads to the question of is the resin a part of the frame of a part of the painting and how can those two things go together.  It makes me want to open a frame shop that splatters resin on other paintings and has a frame that goes around the outside that has resin on it too.  Shark tank here I come.





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