Gallatin River 10/17/17



The Fall season, Axtell Bridge, leaves floating down the river in sudden torrents.  The warm color palette from the turning trees and bushes christen the banks of one Montana’s most cherished streams.  This is the perfect opportunity to create or just exist.

This painting is getting back to the river and appreciating the fall season.  Dark undertones are the combination of Burnt Umber and Payne’s Grey, and if you look close you will see a slight hint of teal to play off of the blue color at the far end of the stream.  Throughout the work is the warmth of the day brought about with a monochrome of Burnt Sienna.  There was a lot of water on the painting that comes from the river and it helps with the blending of colors.  This move of having more water being present on the painting creates a more subtle manner than the starkness of the strikes of paint themselves without interference.  The paint was drying in the right amount of time and transport was simple as I am loving the fact of having the easel on the river and having it be more about the process of the painting.


Gallatin River 10/17/17 18″x24″ Acrylic on Lexan

Gallatin River, Montana, Flycast Painting, Fall, Two Paintings in One, Water, Outside, Art,


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