River Pillows

Reach into the water and grab that sucker

The rocks and placement of this fish are one of my favorite works so far along the veins of the most straightforward pieces I can present with the rocks reflecting the trout’s shadow. The spots for a brown trout having an interlocking connection to them to represent the back of the fish.  The frame was left being the light wood color so the rocks play well with the contrast of the frame.  There weren’t too many hard lines when working on the rocks so the idea to title this one “River Pillows” was a moment of panic perhaps being under the gun rather than just giving it a title of Rock Shadow #whatever.DSC_2974 The idea of having the rocks placed to a distinct side of the fish allows the artist to put a shadow on the dorsal fin of the   trout that helps push the three dimension of the fish. Having created four of these with the trout turning the same way had me setting up a presentation that had the four different fish swimming in a circle, perhaps around a bigger piece that has been created.  It is a reality check to have the next paintings with the fish turning the other direction.  With the Rock Shadow series that is coming to be, the three dimension it seems is pushed even more with every painting.  With the tail flopping to the side gives the work a presence that makes the fish easy to imagine it is just taking the current as it comes and adds a real lifelike quality to the piece.  Choosing a fly for the painting always has me leaning towards bigger and bolder flies to add a fly’s shadow to the work or making it easier for the viewer to correlate the work with fly fishing culture.  The ends of the frame are burnt and not left to the openness of the them being created with just a saw and not considered for the presentation, is not what the work should represent.  When the ends of the wood pieces are scorched the grains of the wood are more pronounced and the beauty of their different layers are accentuated.



Acrylic/Resin/Refurbished Lumber

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