Debating the Shallows


The learned tools at an artist’s disposal are plentiful when broken down into their simplest contexts.  Dealing with the three dimension that resin will allow for lets a person consider the possibilities of pushing the depth of water using the emphasis on the lighter areas and darker tones towards the depths, where a trout could be lurking waiting for an opportunity to strike.  I want the highlights to gradually dissipate into the depths and have a  trout weighing the situation of coming towards the shore to nab its prey.

Fish on the side

This scenario has to be one of the most dramatic developments for a trout that wants to grab the bug but something is holding it back.  One of the longer resin pieces so far as it takes about four feet of space for its length and only 8.5 inches across the surface.  The cracks in the wood are emphasized by being burnt out and there is a light toasting of the wood over the top.

Fly Segments

Another point about this work and having it be so lengthy is to have the eye move throughout the piece so to help understand the length the trout would have to travel in sketchy territory to get its desired outcome.  The idea that these paintings can be hung vertically allows for a rustic home to have more options on where to put the piece and not interfere with the other items in the house as far as furniture goes.  The imperfect slight bend throughout the piece adds to the nature of the wood and accepting the years of wear the frame has had, to get to that point.   When creating this piece the resin layer was getting very uncomfortably thick at to the point of not knowing how the three dimension would read.  After a few more layers were thrown on the rocks popped like great big pillows and had more depth than initially could have been hoped for.

Wind blown surface

Burning out the knots in wood for these pieces adds so much character to the work.  This technique of creating frames allows for a seamless corner and with resin filling the gaps locking any weakness in the piece to strengthen it more than when it was initially crafted.


Acrylic/Resin/Refurbished wood


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