Dennis Grimmer Piece

Dennis Grimmer Piece in its entirety 
King Salmon
Close up of the King
Fin Detail
Salmon Carcass/Eggs

There are folks in this world that have more stories they have lived than they have time to tell about.  When it comes to Dennis Grimmer and the life he has lead where does a person even begin to tell his story?  From the time he met his wife to the lessons he teaches his kids about harvesting and preserving food from the wilds of Alaska.  It was decided that a King Salmon is not only representative of the giant influence he has had on the people around him but is the sustenance of life and the cycle the salmon represents is a large part of the role it has played in Dennis’s life.

*In the rocks are the names of his family

*The lure is the favorite device used to fool his query

*The eggs coming off the bottom are the hope for future generations

*On the surface is written “Dennis Grimmer” and it can be seen when the light is cast on the surface in the refraction

*The frame and painting surface is fused together pieces of weathered wood with a routered out center to allow for the corners of the frame to be seamless.


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