Trout Side Fin



The emphasis for this painting is the side of the trout that is off the surface plane and pushes the idea of only seeing half of the trout and the three dimension of the painting from the side of the trout to the lighter top of the fish.  The fin on the side of the trout is the central part of the painting and looking at its color and value change from the bottom of the work makes the viewer look a little more at the trout and discerning the fin from the rocks on the bottom of the stream should bring the viewer a little closer to the work.  The rocks are painted with oil paint for a comparison in the richness of different painting mediums.  I love the idea of the trout being a lighter consistency with the use of acrylic.  In the history of painting there hasn’t been too many paintings that combine acrylic and oil paint together effectively.  This painting does just that and it is a joy to look at the piece and see the comparison.




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