Rainy Spring Day

M. Creek



The rain would pass soon

Peering from behind an Alder Tree my quarry was spotted lazily feeding in the ebb of the current’s gentle flow

In the span of five minutes the unsuspecting trout took three bugs from the surface.

It was then time to make my predatory move


What are the possibilities of working with resin as water? Capturing  the times that the cloud bursts are coming over, the weather is warm, and you are on the banks of a tranquil trout stream.  This painting is the dream that happened many years ago.  It was the ultimate for trout site fishing on a creek when the fish can barely grow beyond a foot long but the romance of the situation is there and the nostalgia is still poignant many years later.



With this painting I wanted to bring the spring day of trout fishing into the home.  The painting is approximately five feet long and a warm undertone to the monochrome, keeps the painting grounded in the springtime.  The inspiration besides the memory for this piece, is the refraction of rain drips hitting the surface of the water and being able to record the circles and action of the instant cycles in resin dissipating on the surface of the water.  The sun spots are spaced throughout to keep the eye moving and the contrast of the light frame on the outside brings about the darker shades where the majority of this painting resides.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Spring Day

  1. I really like your trout paintings. How do you create the fish, because they have a 3-dimensional quality to them? When I first glanced at one of your photos it looks as if the artwork was built into wooden steps? Again I guess because of the 3 D nature of your work.

    Best Wishes

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    1. Kevin,

      Thank you Kevin. I build up the layers with resin, typically working from the darker outside to the lighter middle part of the form. There is about 15 layers that go into a piece. This particular one is playing it tighter to the chest with the monochrome color scheme but the crux move is the water droplets on top that to have emulate a quick storm shower and create some refractions on the bottom of the painting as if the light source is still vibrant.

      Thank you for the inquiry and your interest in the art.

      All my best,



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