Naked Stonefly Predator


Rainbow Daze

Resin depth

With a moving light source this painting has the most movement to date.  The highlights of the rocks are suspended above the first two layers and create their own shadows throughout the work.  The goal was to create a high key piece of art that was vibrant and had a variety of different colored rocks throughout the work.  White is the combining paint that catapults this as the highest key work to date with a hard contrast coming off the shadows. The resin was piled thick on top of the rocks to allow the paints own properties, sandwiched in the resin to create its own shadow.

Three dimension on the dorsal fin

The spots on the back of the fish always send the trout shape into another dimension away from the creek’s bottom.  The white effect on the back of the trout is a lot different than the dark of top of the trout on an ordinary stream but the white on the rocks elevate the painting to a midday scene.  The fins on the fish have a warm feel to them and when the spots were added it really makes the fins feel comfortable, with the colors scheme landing somewhere between the back of the fish and the bottom of the stream.  To get the maximum amount of shadow off this piece ideally it should have a hard light source on the side of the painting.

Stonefly indulgence





6 thoughts on “Naked Stonefly Predator

    1. Thank you very much!! It certainly looks like you are quite the story teller…I was having an idea for the beginning of a book where a chain gang is hooked together and they are crushing stones and happen upon a vein of gold…How do they keep this information from their oppressors? Can they outsmart the other folks their chain to be the first to retrieve the treasure?

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