Sauk Falls


When it comes to the fly cast painting idea, paired up with resin, and a signature word or phrase smuggled into its creation, there are few people that would see such advancements in the artistic process through.  A benefactor perhaps that puts forth the effort to create a scenario that will be remembered for the ages.  To have something that is representative in the house that will commemorate the moment forever and be a reminder of that one moment when two people became a couple.  One of the most captivating, nested places in the cascades where the proposal took place eight years ago.  The instance of the proposal happened on the edge of a precipice coated in ice and snow.  She said “yes”. The canyon was shrouded in a deep freeze with icicles coming down and the ice was so dense it took on a bluish tinge within its depths.  It is a story for the ages and the dreams of the romantic minded.  All the elements that go into the time that has passed with three beautiful children and stories that go on forever of travels and adventure began as a unit at this place.

The flycast on this particular morning found the earth covered in ice with a faint hint of the sun trying to break through the clouds.  Small dustings of snow were on either side of the trail as the equipment was hauled down to the stage where the flycast painting would take place.  A 36″x48″ piece of Lexan would be the target, for this piece, with more than ample room to make adjustments for the dynamic complexity of how the final work would turn out.  Black ice covered every rock on the waterworn sides of the steep banks plunging into the pool at the bottom of the falls that added a certain element of danger.  Danger that wouldn’t stop the art patron’s experience of putting on spikes and climbing across an old growth log to stand next to the pinnacle of the river’s descent to its loss of altitude.  He would comment “It felt like thunder coming through the rocks”.


Two pieces of driftwood were found on site that make the frame of the painting and after the fly cast was completed the resin work would begin.  Lining up two pieces of non symmetrical wood came down to the solution being dowels drilled into to the driftwood going along with a maple frame backing and there would then be a flat surface that could go on the wall with the driftwood being adjusted along the dowels to line up the uneven surfaces.

The first attempt at the resin for the waterfall looked like a plastic bag coming off the top of the driftwood and that would never aesthetically work, so through a bit of trial and error the decision was made to actually look at the characteristics of a waterfall and how it tapers down at the bottom and spreads out in a loose triangle shape.  This all came about with the challenge to keep the frame separate from the fly cast painting.  In the end the frame was grooved to fit the painting along its length for structural reasons and a tight fit that would integrate the different planes of the work to be more a part of the piece.

To be a part of the celebration that is the love between two people is a humbling experience indeed. In this short amount of time that we have for our existence the mission of the artist is to bring forth the potential of moments and capture the happenings of events.  Bringing attention to times that are the exemplification of trials and errors of a couple living the dreams together is no better reason to create a work of art.  The appreciation for the fly cast and the acknowledgement of its process I am eternally grateful for.


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