Kelly Harrison


Humble, not seeking praises, when told about putting up the art about her she said, “I just hope someone falls in love with it!”


At the Orvis Down The Hatch Festival, held in Missoula, a gal was yelled at if she had ever fly fished before, as she sat at the top of the steps overlooking the festivities down below. The fly cast painting had been set right above the band that was keeping the energy going with their crazed drum beat and sound system broke on the high volume mark.  Her reply, “I have been out a few times.”  A few minutes later she proceeds to challenge the rest of the fly fishing guide participants in competitions of ‘who is the greatest fly fishing guide in the world?   It was an awakening to Montana and myself having never seen a gal in the industry of fly fishing guides.  There were a few other women in the competition as it was still gender specific.  Once you peel back the layer of the pioneering steps Kelly is carving into the state of Montana, that she loves, and doing what she loves by being on the rivers. She gets others, as well as herself, hooking one monster trout after another on a fly, it is a wonder anyone would want to fish with another person.

This artwork as far as composition and the the practices within the craft of her trade show a sort of gracious culture between the captor and her prey.  It could be seen as a respect and understanding behind the act of being caught that has just happened.  The fish is being set back into the water with the the gentlest of ease and Kelly isn’t camera hungry to be all about the kicking ass that just took place.  Her focus is on the fish and safe returns.

18″x24″ India Ink, Watercolor





with flycast frame


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