Coldwater Cutty


As far as native trout go there are the fond memories of being back home and catching the larger trout that were always the cutthroat species.  Except one time as JP can attest to…

we never landed the fish but as it went skyward, the fishing hole opened up for a split second as the biggest rainbow trout we had ever seen in that small creek snapped off the fly as if it were being attached to the fly line by a cob web.  It was so violent of a take that the water splashed up and hit me in the face.  With shaking hands I tied on another fly and wouldn’t you know, there was a repeat performance and the leader had parted again.  By the time I tie on the third fly it was time to begin the hell-bent-for-home sprint so as to not get in trouble, racing over slippery moss covered rocks.


Very rarely could a rainbow trout in a small creek reach the size of the cutts that would stretch the tape to the 12″ mark.  Those were the prize for sure.  In an even smaller creek JP hauled out a cutthroat creature that dwarfed the water it was in.  One of the most miraculous fish ever taken in that stretch of water.

Montana has the same folklore surrounding the cutthroat trout.  Yellowstone Park has the fishery off the bridge from back in the day where 4lb. and larger cutthroat were not uncommon.  Even looking off the bridge (that doesn’t allow fishing anymore) there was a large cutt making their way along the outflow of the lake.  The true native trout of the PNW is the cutthroat trout and there can’t be enough good things said about it.

This painting is a part of the oil and acrylic series as the stream bed is created with oil colors and the fish is painted with acrylic paint layered over the top in the resin.  The reddish hue is seen throughout the painting to create a warm tone and a sunny day.  In looking at the final piece it looks like the water is so gin clear it could be a very cold snowmelt as the trout waits for the next meal to come floating by.

Cold water Cutty

25″ x 13″ Oil/Acrlyic/Resin

Refurbished Barn Wood


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