Stone Brook


Gin clear streams are hard to come by this time of year with run off coming down the hills to give the rivers their annual flush.  This year is exceptional with the impressive amount of snow but the yearning for summer is satiated with the only a few weeks left of high waters.

DSC_5021Quickly becoming one of my favorite fish to paint is the markings on the back of a Brook Trout.  The lines take on a nice interlocking movement with the negative positive space.  A subtle move on this piece is the highlight on the back of the trout to help establish more of a light source that grounds the shadow of the trout with the shadow on the rocks.  The complementary colors scheme of the trout’s predominant green color coming off the red rocks pops the fish into a definite space that does not rest with the river bed, but catapults the trout towards the viewer in its own space.  The stone fly set in the resin is black so the the contrast with the dark color stands out against the river bottom that is void of a shade that dark.  The aerial view looking directly down on the top takes away the lower jaw and makes a more complacent mood of the trout in a debating state of taking the fly.  Looking down on the tail section is effective, due to a heavy highlight on the top of the tail fin and the receding layers below push the tail down into the work.


This piece exemplifies the subtleties of the resin work and the trout become more of an effective representation with each painting.



12″x 26″ Oil/Acrylic/Resin/Refurbished Wood



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