The idea for Dutch Rogue Cove is fuse the passion for fly fishing with the passion to create art.  Painting and fly fishing are essentially the same thing with decisions being made about the colors and how fast they are set on a surface, and fly fishing with decisions being made about what fly to use in any given circumstance.  This idea has been 30 years of fly fishing experience and twenty years of pursuing the arts in the works.  It came to me one day to combine the two and create paintings by using a fly rod.  There is no better place to create this art than Montana and capture the colors, movement, and temper of the famous streams.  The art is evolving to paint the patterns and colors of different sides of trout and give a lot of action to paintings for the diverse quarry that can be pursued with a fly rod.

  • When I was 8 years old grandpa introduced me to fly fishing
  • Fly tying came next with sewing thread and chicken feathers lashed to an egg hook
  • All assignments in primary school dealt with fishing in one way or another
  • I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Washington State University
  • A K-12 teaching endorsement from Central Washington University
  • Taught Fine Arts at the high school level for 12 years
  • Discovered my niche to carve in the Art world, resigned from teaching, sold my house and moved to Bozeman Montana “The fly fishing capital of the world” to create works of art and change how paintings can be made and images of streams never seen before.